This hospital facility is located in a serene village of Kiki Nagla about 4 kms from Vrindavan. There are 24 rooms in this building.
Vedic Care wants to start an Assisted living facility, a general clinic for the local brajwasis and the Widows/ Women's sewing program in this facility.

These are much needed services in Vrindavan to help not only the devotee community but also the local brajwasis.

Vedic care holistic clinic Vrindavan

The uniqueness of this clinic is that it is utilising
various natural models of holistic medicines and treatments
as well as allopathic methodologies.

Holistic Medicine is where we treat the Mind, Body and Soul

The VCC clinic will treat the general public
and the inhabitants of our clinic.
Ayurveda is practiced as well as
East-West Psychology
Naturopathic Medicine
Chi Gong
Tai Chi
Women, Men,
and Marriage Counseling
and group sessions
Work therapy and rehabilitation centre

We will work with Hospice but that is at different locations.
Our model is defining the illnesses at it’s early stages
To implement
Preventative rather the reactive cures.

6 rooms will be available for assisted living care and retirement.
One can seed their retirement now at our medical centre
Which will include
Rehabilitative activities as well as cures.