Bhakti yoga means care

The idea of transparent via media is a tool, an aspect of giving and receiving love.

The Vedic aspect of transparent via media is receiving instruction and we in exchange of love serve him and Krishna.

When we care for the deities dressing according to differently seasons, or festivals lillas we evoke the mood of love.

When we  care for Radha and Krishna , they in compassion and love care for us. 

And also there is the loving parental pastime with Krishna. Sometimes i felt like that with Prabhupad, and reciprocally he protected me.

Offer  a fruit a flower ……

When I cared for prabhupad pushing his sweater on, with his very slightly bulging belly and me making sure he was warm, 

and he just standing there the saintly soul with his feet braced so i could pull the sweeter all the way down he in turn bandaged my hurt foot or inquired daily when i had typhoid fever.

And felt like a Gopi receiving special love from Krishna at the Rasa dance of life.

 And that is Prabhupad's expertise, as each of his disciples, such different personalities from all walks of life came forward and after receiving Prabhupad's unmatched and unique love a  conduit from Krishna. 

WE all step forward to give our lives because we received Pabhupad's benediction, infused with care.

Therefore we should see the good in each other,../

 In the hearts and souls, not the mental boldly distractions.

That is Vaishnava love

By caring for others we receive great rewards automatically.

Prabhupad's conception of das anu das can save the world.

In the meantime let us save each other those spiritual seekers of the world who are isolated and want association and simple living again

Transparent Via media is also displayed in many ways like especially when parents talk to their babies there babies in baby talk, goo goo gas gaa…. they baby really doesn't understand but reciprocate's by positive non verbal love l;language. 

So doing some service the idea of giving to others is a reward.

Transparent via media is also demonstrated as humans talk with pets talking English to dogs and cats etc, and the pets don't understand the language but the loving intent and body language transferred and reciprocated and rewarded in loving exchange.

So the person speaking baby talk or dog talk receive love so the again process of giving is also receiving.

That's why when we understand this caring for others devotees this is the primary sadana for us in practical application of Bhakti, because so many times Prabhupad stressed that we cooperate with each other and so many times he demonstrated by caring for me and everyone who also felt that they were like gopis receiving individual love from Krishna as we all received individual and unique love from Prabhupad according to our personalities.

Prabhupad was able to appease all our variegated  characters, natures, dispositions, temperaments, persona, psyche. and moods by seeing inside our hearts and seeing our talents and encouraging that and so we gave our lives for him.

Well that was then and this is now

and there is the great need to care for those of us who need or want to associate and heal and prepare for pure departure together.

 So now we have a chance to translate that into care for each other because in practical terms all we have is each other.

Das anu das can save the world and save us