Hate  or Harmony

The variety in the world makes it exciting.

The varegatedness in the spiritual world, the lilla

Also evokes interest, and the best wisdom is through stories.

If their was only one species in the world, one type of person, bird, plant, music, etc.,the world would be a boring and perhaps uninspiring place.

Therefore we should glorify the differences not use fear of the unknown separate us.

Their is enough separations in the world that cause hate and even war.

So we as vaishnavas must unite, blurring the so called barriers, petty scrabbles, this camp that camp.

“My guru is better then your guru,” and finally my way better then your way.

And also this does not support bad un vaishnava like behavior

Not being friendly etc,

And we recognize 

Then that is a personal misuse of power and promotes narrow agendas, accruing undeserved wealth, position property etc. e.g. hate not harmony

Let us view another prospective .

A burning flame, and the more things in common the flames becomes sharper and more focused.

How many people offer food  to Krishna

How many people cook the special way for Krishna

How many people chant the holy manga mantra.

How many people embrace Gaudiya Vaishnavsim, etc etc etc.

How many people study slogans 

The flame is narrowing the lines breaking the barriers falling way because we as Vaishnavas are doing and acting the same was.

The difference of the flame is laser thin.


If we are truly “Not his body “

That transcends any prejudices, fears.

We can walk a mile in each others shoes and embrace and understand the differences, rather then .

And the trance ding freedom of Santan Dharma promotes tis idea of Harmony better then Hate Peace better hen war,

Because as Vaishnavas it is imperative that we unite 

In the war against Maya, and sadness in the world.

How can we preach if we don’t demonstrate family and love and trust.

Harmony not hate.