As necessity is the mother of invention, the need for compassionate care of devotees is now becoming more prevalent in our consciousness.

Now more and more prabhus and matajis, our paying attention, so much so that,  a few devotees  here and there  have been learning teaching and caring for the sick and dying. 

The few  of us, who are administering compassion, globally,  ironically some of us have similar names.

However if someone is isolated, poor, abandoned, and frightened, and one of our care organizations helps, stabilizes the patient, and welcomes the person home,

he or she will not care what we call our selves.

So if we are doing, the same thing, and we have to have similar names, then this misunderstanding can be  understood, and worked out

"If someone shoots you with an arrow, why meditate on the tribe it comes from take the arrow out."

"If you are drowning, and someone throws you a life preserver, you will not question if the person has a college degree." ….A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada