14 Mar

To Krishna society..

A society is judged by how it cares for it's peoples.

Many of groups have care and retirement programs for their  members who have given there life in service.

Our Krishna conscious society in general has not only neglected care but in fact perpetuated decease by many misdeeds.

Not only when a devotee get old and "not useful" any more they are kicked out to an arid pasture to fend on their own.

Now the care is reactive or nil.

Instead of empathy and care, callous injustices like 

Inheritances have been taken; woman and children abused, general neglect, and impersonal feelings, rather then honor and respect.

These acts submerge compassion.

 When the topic of devotee care comes up.

Everyone thinks "not me " But you don't know when. 

That was the great riddle Maharaj Yudhistir, in essence everyone denies there own death.

The Krishna society raises large funds to build havelis and planetariums, or host one day festivals, whilst devotees suffer daily, and again ignored.

Our proposal is that a care ministry be re- implemented towards real retirement care facilities.

Not talk but action.

A portion of each branches profits could be earmarked specifically for devotee care and retirement.

A room can be available in each centre when needed as infirmary .

We the Vcc will train out- reach teams

and show how to facilitate hotline services.

As other groups have done so successfully let us Krishna devotees come together and make this happen.

In this way not only are past misdeeds and anarthas can purified, and the misdeeds can be rectified.

 Let the healing process begin, inwardly and outwardly  and evolve as we arrange our world wide devotee care.

Prabhupada wants us to love and care for each other.

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