21 Mar

Within the next few weeks we are planning to have our auspicious inauguration of the hopsital and to open the doors  to our first Vrajabasi outpatients.We will call this stage one of the project and later we will be opening our assisted living facility which will be stage 2. In order for stage 2 we will need to do some refurbishments and a deep clean to the premises. This week I have been to have a good look at all of the rooms and facilities and took photos of all of the rooms and suites.

Today I am sharing those photos with you and request that anyone who has either time or funds or resources to do so please join us in getting this stage 1 and two very much rolling! Please contact me surabhi@vedic.care for more information.

Lately we have really felt your support in view of some interest in volunteering and a significant financial contribution and finally we are able to begin on our stage one clinic...we will be sponsoring the treatment of 20 local villagers for medicine and medical treatments and for that it costs 1000USD per month. We now really need to employ medical staff and buy medicine so your donations will continue to keep the hospital staff paid and the overheads too. We thank you sincerely for enabling us to serve the Vrajabasis in this way.

You servant

Surabhi Kunja Devi Dasi

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