14 Mar

Vedic care cooperative

Because of the urgent need for devotee care, some devotees started the Vedic care cooperative, in 2015.

There has been a wonderful response regarding endorsements, encouragements, volunteers, staff members, and potential land and care facilities.

We have started an outreach program to support sick devotees and their families who are in need.

We have located a nice location in Tucson Arizona, which would be a wonderful model healing center, and assisted care place for spiritual seekers.

Prabhupad said and showed how that any new project needs people, land, and capitol.

Right now there is an urgent need to get this going, as there are more and more devotees in need who are sick and dying presently, and needing our care.

Instead of reactive care we want preventative care

We have the people, and the land, now please help us to help others by giving generously to our Vedic care projects.

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