What inspired the VCC

“The care and compassion that Prabhupad showered on me and all the heroic devotees and people who have volunteered to care and serve others without being forced to.” Gurudas

What is Vedic care charity

A Global Initiative for the Care of Spiritual Seekers
In June 2015 Gurudas (Roger Siegel) started the Vedic Care Charitable Trust, then cooled The Vedic Care Project. He saw the need for care of the elderly, isolated and forgotten devotees, so he posted a concerned post on Facebook with a photo that day. He had also been preaching the message of devotee care around the world for some time. He then asked other devotees to join him to form a team to actualize a model care center, The Vedic Care have three Trustees at this time.
The VCC cultural heritage:
This idea sprang from Radharani, Srila Prabhupad and The Varna Asrama model of care; Das anu das.

What is your mission

Our mission statement:

“The Vedic Care Charitable Trust is a global organization for providing ecumenical care through a network of member eco-villages, temples and farms; giving all those who seek enlightenment and a healthy life style, spiritual, medical and educational services; a world- wide oasis of love. Spiritual seekers, in need or not, can come, associate, live and be treated in an enlivening and nourishing atmosphere; and when the time comes, receive hospice care for a glorious transition from this life. At the VCC we’re focused on preventative and spiritually enlivening health care. We’re promoting one simple idea: That we must provide essential loving support and holistic health care for Krsna devotees and Spiritual Culture practitioners.”

What is the VCC Brand

“Land, Cows and a Caring Culture” , “An Oasis of Love” or “The gateway to the spiritual world”. Our residential villages are for all spiritual seekers and compassionate souls in a caring community, wherein the individual is respected, and cared for.

So in a nutshell what is it about?

The Vedic Care Charitable Trust is a global organization providing essential material and spiritual care services to all sincere spiritual culture practitioners, through a ecumenical cooperative network of member eco-villages, temples and farms.

What is your aim

To have a Care facility in every town and village, as well a hotline, worldwide outreach teams and a Vedic Chaplin in all hospitals.

What are the VCC principles?

We are devotees of Krishna.

What will you provide?

Health care and bliss for the mind and body of all souls that follow spiritual practices.

What about Co-operation?

All ideas can be sent to our website, it will be then followed up with emails and if need be phone calls. As ideas develop the will feature in Articles on the Vedic Times and Istagosthis. We’ll assist devotees with the same Devotee Care ambitions to succeed in their area.

What about a time frame?

From the initial idea for the VCC to develop properly it took 15 months. Charity Status is done, Social media in the works and out website is done. We had a reshuffle of our team and had to rebuild and now we’re now in the fundraising stage.

Is the VCC an International organisation?

he VCC is an international organization:
The VCC branches should follow the guidelines of this Constitution at all times, but like a brand, as long as they do not divert from our goals and aims, maintaining the standard necessary to keep the Vedic Care name, they can be autonomous, utilizing links for legitimacy. With this said, an quarterly report should be shared with the higher management body.
• The management structure in regional charter groups will include: Trustees, members, president, secretary, treasurers and careers. The same structure as we’ve now should be established. e.g. We already facilitating that in the UK.
• All VCC facilities will share a common web site, and promotional materials. The main VCC website will be the central focus but a local website in the same line can also be build if so desired, as far as there are links to one another. Also, they should all use the same style, logo and guidelines as they will be doing their own fundraising campaigns.
• Co-mingling of denotations received: As there will be one website for all that will occur. Only the local and independent campaigns and local direct donations will be kept locally, for their proper distribution. Donors can also ear mark their donations on which project they want support.

What services will the VCC provide?

Kirtan, prasadam distribution, readings, pastoral services for devotees and family members (like garlands, sandalwood, the writing of a devotee’s biography etc.), burial services, hospice services, educational services and community outreach. We’ll also focus on creating jobs for devotees in farm communities.

The essence of each service:

VCC Out-Reach Teams

Compassionate Care out reach is another form of prasadam (mercy), as is our giving of Shastra readings (ancient scriptures), kirtan (mantra music meditation), healthy prasadam (vegetarian blessed foodstuffs) according to the individual’s medical situation. Our outreach support teams won’t be required to administer any medication and will assist the Nurses and Medical practitioners.

VCC Hotline
(Pastoral care can be included - with a fellow up visit if need be) Our hotline project will be for assisting devotees from afar. So if you need to reveal your mind in confidence, ask questions or share your insights, we’ll be there to ‘Care’.

VCC Residential Care
This is provided by our Out-Reach Teams, on a case by case basis, with our giving of Shastra readings, kirtan, healthy prasadam; all according to the individual’s situation and the family members’ needs.

VCC Healing Centers

The VCC Holistic & Spiritual Health Care facilities are dedicated to caring for Krishna’s devotees and others aspiring to live a life of service to God. We will provide complete wrap- around services offering each recipient a safe and self sufficient spiritual environment. Preventive medicine is a primary concern.

VCC Hospice Projects

Our hospice projects are in development. The supportive care provided is meant to allow each client to fully absorb the mind in transcendence, so they may be adequately prepared for that critical time of passing; guaranteeing a successful transition to the next life.

VCC Retirement Projects

Self sufficient Eco-Villages and spiritual environments for spiritual seekers are on the way. With our Farm & Eco-Village partners, we’ll build communities every- where on the planet, where no one is left alone, in difficulty.

Do you have trustees and who are they?

The Trustee responsibilities are various depending on their capacities. but they are mainly defined by:
• They are giving their lives for the success of the VCC.
• They will serve in their specialized capacities and will continuously learn while doing
hands on as the project evolves
The VCC Trustees number should not be greater then five with international responsibilities. Each VCC project will have their own Core Team (eight members) to fully run the project and report to the main Trustees and Core Team quarterly.
The VCC shall be incorporated:
This shall be done in every project as liability in failure will not fall on anyone’s head specifically. Meetings should be at least trice a week if not more. Trustees will create a system where their inspire others to care. Leading by example they will be able to encourage many to do more.
The VCC is based in love and trust.